Transfer Transition Seminar (TTS)

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Are you a new transfer student joining in Fall 2024? Enroll in NASC 092, a 1-unit S/NC Transfer Transition Seminar exclusively and specifically for incoming Community College transfer students in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences! This 10-week course helps you seamlessly acclimate to the UC system. 

Weekly 1-hour seminars will include topics on:

  • Understanding a syllabus and academic calendar
  • Research Engagement
  • Professional Development
  • Registration assistance for Winter 2025
  • Time Management in the Quarter System
  • Study-skills

You’ll also hear from special guest speakers from Health Professions Advising Center, Academic Resource Center, and Research Partners. 


Dates & Times:

Fall 2025 Availability:
CRN: 26858 Thursday 9-9:50 AM or
CRN: 27480 Thursday 10-10:50 AM

Join us and make your transition smooth and successful!

If you are interested in enrolling in the course for Fall 2024, fill out this Google Form or inform your Academic Advisor during your registration/orientation in early September! Please note, that this class is limited to 24 students and is first-come, first-serve.


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